True story

Bones t-shirt

After having dated for almost 2 years, my girlfriend at the time (now wife) and I decided to move in together. I was 26 and had moved to Tel Aviv from Amsterdam, about 5 years prior. We had found this weird apartment on the 5th floor of an apartment building in the heart of Tel Aviv. Weird because it wasn’t really an apartment. It was actually the old rooftop of the building on which the owner had, most likely illegally, expanded an old rooftop apartment which he had then divided into 2 separate apartments. The apartment was within a walking distance of Dizengoff center, one of the oldest shopping and entertainment centers in Israel. On the ground floor of the mall, there was a small t-shirt print shop which is where this true story begins.

In need of some new t-shirts

In need of some new t-shirts, I decided to walk into the store. Flipping through the numerous designs they offered, I stumbled upon a variety of interesting prints. The store had some kind of deal, designed to increase sales, wherein a discount was offered to those who purchased 3 shirts. Due to the many years that have passed since this fateful day, I do not recall the first 2 prints I selected, but I will never forget the third. It was the iconic diamond shaped Superman symbol, a beautifully designed image that is still as recognizable as it was decades ago, when it was first introduced to the world. I printed the bright yellow and red logo on a blue t-shirt, resembling the original color scheme of the Superman outfit. I left the mall with a smile on my face and a bag full of t-shirts.

A special occasion

While the Superman shirt was by far my favorite of this latest purchase, the next day I decided not to wear it yet. This shirt, I felt, needed a special occasion. Only a few days later I decided it was the right time and place to finally put on my new favorite piece of apparel. I had woken up to a sunny day, as most days are in Tel Aviv. I’d taken a long shower, put on my cologne, a fresh pair of jeans and of-course my Superman shirt. I descended 5 floors and as soon as I opened the main entrance door, I was hit with the amazing sounds, colors and smells of Spring. With no concrete plans for the day, I remind you that I was only 26 at that time, I looked to my left and then to my right to decide where to start that day’s journey. Both sides looked equally attractive. I was about to make my choice when I heard a noise.

True story

I lifted my right ear, to make sure that what I thought I was hearing was indeed correct. There it was again; faint but this time undoubtedly a human voice. “Help…help”. Looking down at my chest, I could not help myself. I spread my legs, put a hand on each side of my waist and looked to the right. A child, In need of my help! Swiftly I ran to the direction of the noise. Sure enough, across the street, a little boy was hanging from a low rooftop. The rooftop couldn’t be higher than 2 meters. The boy was about 8 years young. He was sweating, barely holding on with both hands. His feet were dangling about a meter and a half above the ground which isn’t a lot from the perspective of a grown man, but clearly very distressing for a young boy. “Help” he called again. I crossed the street, gently grabbed him on both sides of his chest and placed him on the ground. The young boy looked at me with grateful, tear-filled, eyes. He looked at my shirt and then looked up again. I told him to be careful next time, that he shouldn’t climb onto rooftops. He nodded silently, clearly confused. I saluted him with 2 fingers to my right temple and slowly strolled away. On to my next adventure.

‘True story’ is indeed a true story and was inspired by my love for t-shirts. Get the ‘Bones’ t-shirt now on Threadless or browse all of my t-shirt designs.

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