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Shouter vs panda t-shirt

During the BIGART event last year, I was approached by many people who wanted to get a Shouter t-shirt. While I did have some merchandise online, they did not feature my Shouters. After having tested many ‘print on demand’ services, I have found the right service and am happy to share that the new Ran Kunst shop is a reality.


For now the new shop contains a variety of t-shirts featuring a number of shouters. Currently, for each design you can select one of 3 optional unisex t-shirts. Each a different fit, quality and price tier. Working with a ‘print on demand service’ means that I will not have to carry unnecessary stock. Instead, the shirts will be printed only when someone orders one. This means that production may take a bit longer, so please be patient 🙂

More products coming soon

Soon I hope to introduce additional merchandise and art to the online shop as well. I’ve printed many stickers over the last year and received nice feedback because ‘Who doesn’t like stickers?’ In addition to stickers I’m working on more accessible art in the form of limited editions prints for example. You may see small single-edition canvases, that are easier to ship, in the shop as well in the near future. Finally, I still have plans to create some kind of art toy or sculpture. If that works out well, those could become available on my store as well. Keep an eye out!

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