Shouters: Black x White

Single-edition, hand-painted acrylics on canvas. If you’re interested in any of these works, feel free to contact me



Mr white

Mr White (50×60)

I've seen the clouds from both sides now

I’ve seen the clouds (50×70)


Big (100×150)

“I hope that people buy my works because they feel a connection. My goal is to have the Shouters become a desirable collectors item, making the owner part of a relatively exclusive club”

panda bear

Panda bear (40×50)

Music sounds better with you

Music sounds better with you (40×50)

white bear

White bear (40×50)

The elder

The elder (40×50)

Crowded Shout

Conference call (40×50)

Eyes wide shut

Eyes wide shut (40×50)

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