Perspectivo creates meaningful networks surrounding your goals, providing instant access to potential collaborators and the experience from people who have been there.

As a product leader and the head of UX, I took a very broad concept and turned it into an engaging working product, defined product and feature definitions, defined UX and UI principles, visually designed the UI, performed extensive user research and testing, created user personas and user stories, and more.



As a founding member I was highly involved in the first stages of the product development of Perspectivo. The founders had a vision in which they felt that the collectively gained human experience should be preserved and available for the world to use.

The idea to preserve human experience, as captivating as it was, was far from being mature enough to translate into a product. The main challenge was to translate this ambitious concept into an engaging product to be used by a wide audience. How does one share experience? How do others consume this experience and gain insights based on this experience?

perspectivo landing page



The first thing we needed to do was to figure out how to collect people's experience. We decided to categorize the content into objectives. To each objective multiple people could add their perspective on how to achieve the objective. The first principle was that we needed to collect the essence only without the 'noise' that can be found in most social-oriented products.

We created a prototype within a short time and started to collect data from user testing and research. We used online user-testing platforms, conducted one-on-one meetings and focus groups. During the research phase we created several iterations until we discovered the best way to collect user generated content.

perspectivo prototype

The prototype allowed users to add their experience in the form of questions one should ask when dealing with an objective



The prototype was improved and transformed into a working product. The beta version of the MVP was released and ready for an audience. The first audience we targeted was bloggers since they are keen on sharing their ideas and experience. Without a real marketing budget we managed to reach a very wide audience and the product started to gain traction.

Analytics and continuous research provided multiple insights for improvements which were implemented in multiple releases. We figured out that the concept of 'Objectives' was not very popular and changed it to 'Goals'. Furthermore, while our approach to collect and publish content without the 'noise' was good, we soon discovered that our users wanted to add content besides short texts.

With a growing number of engaged users we started to see that while we were able to get our userbase engaged, we had serious issues with retention. Contributors had no reason to stick around once they made their contribution, and consumers needed more incentive to stay engaged. From these conclusions version 2 of Perspectivo was born.

perspectivo wireframes

Once a new concept was conceived, we started wireframing to plan the final version of the product



The new version of Perspectivo not only improved its looks but also added what became one of the most impactful new features. Allowing users to state their position with regards to each goal, whether they want to do it, have done it, or want to do it, had an instant impact. Not only did engagement and retention grow substantually, the feature automatically created more focussed networks surrounding each goal. Users positioned themselves within each goal, allowing others to understand how to interact with them.

perspectivo goals

The goals page offers a list of goals that may interest the user. For each goal the user can state whether they want to do it, are doing it or have done it

perspectivo goal

Once entered, the goal page shows different perspectives on how to reach it

perspectivo profile

The profile page provides an insight with regards to other members of the community through shared goals

perspectivo logo

I took it upon myself to design the Perspectivo logo as well which helped us establishing a strong brand

With this promotional video we tried to connect users to the power of Perspectivo