Explore the silent beauty of my affordable mutes art collection. Each piece is a unique, hand-painted acrylic masterpiece that captures the nuances of individuals who choose to keep their opinions to themselves. Some mutes know when to be quiet while others are silent when they should speak up. In this collection you’ll find contemporary artworks that are available in limited, single-edition pieces, making them, above all, a rare and special addition to any home or office.

When it comes to choosing a piece of art, it can be difficult to decide on just one. Therefore I offer a special discount when you purchase a series of 2 or more pieces from the Mutes Art collection. As a result, you will not only get a great deal, but you’ll also have the opportunity to create a cohesive display of unique, hand-painted acrylic artworks.

Additionally, these affordable mutes paintings make great gifts for a variety of occasions. For instance birthdays, weddings, or to celebrate someone’s new home. Each piece tells its own story and has therefore the potential to hold a special meaning for its new owner. Imagine gifting a set of mutes paintings to a newlywed couple as a way to celebrate their new home together, or as a birthday gift for a friend who appreciates art. In conclusion, the possibilities are endless, and the impact of these gifts will be cherished for years to come.

Enhance your interior with one of these striking pieces of affordable Mutes Art. If you think one of these pieces will look great on a wall in your home or office, feel free to contact me. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a unique single-edition painting by me.

Me and my Adidas affordable art

Me and my Adidas (40×50)

Wutang Forever affordable art

Wutang Forever (40×50)

Me and my Adidas 2 affordable art

Me and my Adidas 2 (40×50)

Regret affordable painting

Regret (50×60)

Onesie painting affordable art

Onesie (50×70)

The genius painting

The genius (50×70)

Employee of the month painting

Employee of the month (50×60)
Not for sale

Full monty painting

Full monty (50×70)
Not for sale

It's a small world painting

It’s a small world (50×60)
Not for sale

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