Free art project

Bringing art to the people, one painting at a time. My Free Art Project is all about making my unique shouters art accessible to everyone. I do so by hiding my paintings in different parts of the city, waiting to be discovered by curious minds. From Amsterdam, where I’m based, to other locations around the world. Some I hide in plain sight, others I conceal well. All are just waiting for you to bring home so you can enjoy them on your wall.

Above all, making art accessible is at the core of my free art project. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy art, regardless of their background or financial situation. By hiding my paintings in the city and giving them away for free, I am removing the barriers that often prevent people from being able to own original art. Finally, I hope that my free art project will inspire others to find new ways of making art accessible to everyone.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to hunt for one of my shouters, follow me on Instagram. By doing so you’ll find clues to where the next one will be hidden. By joining the fun you can bring a piece of my art into your life for free.

Free art project - blue shouter

Blue Shouter – hidden in a locker

Free art project - yellow shouter

Yellow Shouter – hidden outside

Free grey shouter

Grey Shouter – hidden in a hangar

Free art project - alien shouter

Shouter vs Alien – hidden outside

Free pig shouter

Pink Shouter vs Pig – hidden in a passage

Free art project - panda shouter

Shouter vs Panda – hidden under a bridge

Free art project - shouter on yellow

Free Shouter vs Yellow – hidden outside

Shouter vs Blue – hidden in a cafe

Free shouter on red

Free Shouter vs Red – hidden outside

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