Dynamite Dave is a fun game concept for mobile devices. The game has a rich background story and unique characters.

As the owner of the product, I defined and designed the game mechanics and experience, invented and illustrated the characters, and designed the UI.

dynamite dave



By nature, Dave is intense and irritable but he has learned to relax by changing his lifestyle. He has settled on top of a mountain where it’s always cool and quiet.  Since he is basically a dynamite stick, Dave is in constant need of a cool environment. If it gets too hot, he will explode.

He was about to sit down on a cool Summer's day when he discovered a horrible crime: someone stole his cool! Since then he is in a bad mood and in desperate need of a cool climate, so he starts a journey to retrieve his cool.

dynamite dave gestures

Throughout the game, Dave interacts with the player showing his impatience and frustration



Dynamite Dave has to go trough many different stages during his search for his cool. Since he lives on top of a high mountain and Mike lives near the earth's core, Dave has got to travel a long way down.

Dave goes down, moving from “platform” to “platform” and we have to help him in the right direction by moving, pivoting and turning the platforms. Dave cannot afford to stand still because the stage keeps on moving and he is not allowed to reach the top. The stress makes him hot and we need to make sure he stays cool.This will become harder when the game advances since each stage is in a warmer climate.

On his way down, Dave has to collect ice crystals in order to stay cool. He also has to avoid obstacles placed by his enemy in order to prevent him from going down. Luckily there are many goodies as well, helping him on his quest and offering a wide variety of extra powers and possibilities.

dynamite dave goodies

Goodies cool Dave down, so his temperature drops

dynamite dave obstacles

Obstacles and baddies get Dave worked up and hot

dynamite dave platforms

Each stage has different platforms that behave differently

dynamite dave levels

Each stage represents a different world and contains multiple levels



After having defined the game mechanics and user experience, I defined a unique business model. With the help of strategic partners, with a business presentation, a product presentation, and a one-pager in my pocket, I tried to get the game funded but was unable to do so. Hopefully, I'll be able to produce this game in the future.

dynamite dave level