Digital art

Sometimes I lay down my brushes and canvases to explore the creative possibilities of digital art. Unlike traditional art forms, digital allows me to work with an endless array of tools and techniques. This gives me the freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of my imagination. Whether it’s sketching a new idea or animating my characters, working digitally provides me with a vast array of possibilities. This I can’t always achieve with traditional mediums. In addition, I enjoy the process of creating with digital tools as it gives me freedom. Freedom to make mistakes, try new things and create something new and exciting.

In my digital work, I like to explore my characters in different situations. This gives them a chance to come to life in a dynamic and ever-evolving world. I take inspiration from everyday life. Based on personal experiences for instance. By using my imagination I create characters that are relatable, yet unique and full of personality. Through digital art, I can explore my characters in a variety of settings, emotions, and actions. Consequently, this allows me to tell their stories. Each piece is a window into the world of my characters and their experiences. Therefore it gives the viewer a chance to connect with them and understand their perspectives. I enjoy the process of exploring my characters in different situations as it gives me the opportunity to create something new and exciting each time.

Some of these pieces remain in digital format only while others have been translated to paintings. The rest are featured on my t-shirts.

digital art - x marks the spot p1
x marks the spot p2
x marks the spot p3
It's like a jungle p1
digital art - It's like a jungle p2
digital art - It's like a jungle p3
digital art - Bill p1
digital art - Bill p2
digital art - Bill p3
Shouter vs Jason
Shouter vs Furry animal
Shouter vs Mickey
digital art - It's alive!
digital art - The freaks come out at night
digital art - Mummies with skateboards
Bighead p1
Bighead p2
Bighead p3
digital art - It's like a jungle sometimes
digital art - The baddies are coming
digital art - TGIF
Shouter vs Kermit
You and what army?
Shouter vs Elmo
Bee stickers
Shouter vs Cookiemonster
Bowlinghead stickers
Shouter vs Plant pot aka Pothead
The kids are alright
Shouter vs Shark
The circus is in town
Shouter vs Stormtrooper
Friends, how many of us have them?
Shouter vs Spiderman
digital art - Electrifying
Shouter vs Joker
digital art - The little ones
Shouter vs Panda
digital art - Headache
Shouter vs Pig
digital art - The birds and the bees
Shouter vs Unicorn
digital art - A happy bunch
Shouter vs Fish
digital art - Monday
Shouter vs Bert
digital art - Da bomb
Shouter vs Ernie
digital art - Love is all you need
Shouter vs Flash
digital art - A long tale
Shouter vs Viking
digital art - Summertime
Shouter vs War
Shouter vs Captain America
Shouter vs Kettle
Shouter vs Deadpool
Shouter vs Alien
Shouter vs Burger
Shouter vs Bee

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