[re]Discoveries 2024 has ended

[re]Discoveries 2024 has ended

After 3 intensive days, [re]Discoveries 2024 has ended. I was proud to be part of a group of 25 talented artists who showcased their work at the beautiful Loods 6 space in Amsterdam. Loods 6 is a creative hub in a quayside warehouse and used to be a baggage hall for the the Royal Dutch Steamboat Shipping company. Within this space, I had the privilege to decorate a beautiful wall stretching over 5.5 meters wide. I covered the wall with 11 Shouters, including the all new 'Shouter vs Pikachu' and 'Shouter vs Emolga' paintings.

Many people visited the event, with about 700 people attending the opening night alone. During the weekend I had a blast meeting new individuals and talking about the 'Shouters vs the World' collection. With my exhibit I wanted to create an experience for the art fair's visitors, drawing them in with the bright colors and joyful images only to learn more about the story behind the images once they get close. Based on people's reactions, I believe I succeeded in doing so. I had quite some conversations with visitors, sharing our personal stories about encounters with real-life Shouters. I completed the experience by wearing a different Shouter t-shirt every day of the event.

In closing, I'm happy to share that people are starting to recognize my work. I was approached by some, telling me they saw my work at BIGART or the WIHH gallery. Others encountered a sticker somewhere in the city and immediately recognized the Shouter character. This, obviously, is a great development encouraging me to participate in additional art shows and fairs. More coming soon...

A virtual tour of [re]Discoveries is now made available by Labradoodle and powered by Project 2.0 / Gallery Den Haag. You can view it here

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