Ran Kunst at the WIHH gallery

Ran Kunst - Now at WIHH gallery

Showcasing 5 paintings in their extra ordinary space. First of all the 'Shouter vs Bert' and 'Shouter vs Ernie' paintings that I created for BIG ART Amsterdam last year. These are accompanied by 'Shouter vs Kermit', 'Shouter vs Cookie monster' and 'Shouter vs Elmo' which makes the Shouters vs Jim Henson series complete.

WIHH is not a regular gallery. It's a 2000m2 gallery space located in a historical monument building, that used to be the ABN AMRO bank on the flower market. This was not an ordinary bank; the former queen of the Netherlands, had her own private vault in this very building. The gallery distinguishes itself in being very inclusive and open and is run by two brothers, Joris Jan and Job Reuten, the latter being an artist himself. The building is a labyrinth of large and smaller spaces, stairs and old vaults, making it a great place for exploration. The walls are filled with art from beginning artists to well-established artists and everything in between.

When visiting Amsterdam, I invite you to pay WIHH a visit:

Reguliersdwarsstraat 73
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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