About Ran Kunst

Ran is an artist based in Amsterdam. His surname, Kunst, means ‘Art’ in Dutch so at an early age he came to the sad conclusion that he could not, unlike his friends, become a policeman or fireman (or Batman for that matter). Once he came to terms with his destiny, he picked up a pencil and started drawing. He has not stopped since.

You can tell a lot about Ran when looking at his work. His appreciation for humor and his minimalistic approach to life are clearly visible when looking at his paintings. Ran’s background in design can also be detected in his work. His paintings are often simple, graphic and minimalistic with a strong emphasis on the use of colors.

Through a range of characters, designed by him,  Ran tells visual stories but wants the beholder to interpret his art in their own way. Most of all, he wants to keep it light, even though he sometimes touches personal subjects. His approach to his art is similar to that of his work as a (digital) product designer: “You will be judged by what is, not by what isn’t”.

If you’re interested in any of his works or would just like to provide some feedback, feel free to send a message.

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