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Ran Kunst - affordable art for everyone

Photo by Amir Kunst

Learn more about Ran Kunst, a product designer and so-called artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My surname, Kunst, means ‘Art’ in Dutch so at an early age I came to the sad conclusion that I could not, unlike my friends, become a policeman or fireman (or Batman for that matter). Instead I’ve made it my goal to create affordable art for you.

Since I was a kid I loved to draw. Many years ago I picked up my first brush and started painting using oils. About a decade ago I switched to acrylics and never looked back. Over that same period I started doing a lot of digital work as well. Some of these resulted in a collection of t-shirts. No matter the medium, I do my best to make affordable art for you.

As a product designer I have produced numerous products and websites for a wide variety of companies around the globe. Over the last two decades, I have defined products and their user experience from scratch, designed intuitive user interfaces and worked closely with developers using the latest technologies. I have mostly worked in dynamic start-up companies, creating products for consumers and enterprises. For those interested in my work-portfolio, you can view it here.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve developed several products over the years. Most recently I co-founded a company that redefined the relationship between coffee shops and so called ‘laptop hobos’. After having successfully launched a pilot in the US, this venture is currently on hold due to the COVID outbreak.

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