Having grown up in Amsterdam, I moved to Israel when I turned 21. My surname, Kunst, means 'Art' in Dutch so at an early age I came to the sad conclusion that I could not, unlike my friends, become a policeman or fireman (or Batman for that matter).

I'm happily married and have 2 wonderful kids. I product design, painting, music, literature, and movies.


In Israel I studied graphic design and after having worked as the main store designer in the Tower Records branch in Tel Aviv, I started working in the field of internet in 1998. Today I'm a versatile product designer, experienced in: product definition, user research, user experience, UI design, information architecture, and front-end development.

For over two decades I have produced numerous products and websites for a wide variety of companies in Israel and abroad. I have defined products and their user experience from scratch, designed intuitive user interfaces and worked closely with developers using the latest technologies. I have mostly worked in dynamic start-up companies, creating products for consumers and enterprises.


As an entrepreneur, I've developed several products over the years. In 2011 I defined, designed, and published an iOS game called Counting Critters. I have a shop with original designs up and running where you can get cool shirts, stickers, and hoodies. Most recently I co-founded a company that redefined the relationship between coffee shops and so called 'laptop hobos'. After having successfully launched a pilot in NY, this venture is currently on hold due to the COVID outbreak.


As preciously mentioned, I was born with the name 'Art' which probably means I come from a long line of artists. As a kid I loved to draw and when I was six I proudly proclaimed that I would be an artist. I started painting about thirty years ago, starting with oil paintings. Tens of paintings and a small exhibition later, I gave up painting to focus more on digital work. A few years back I picked painting up again but this time I'm using acrylics. I'm a big fan of pop art and street art so these are my big influences. Most of my art is for sale.