Shouter vs 2020 painting

Hey 2020, fuck you!

Fuck you for killing my new founded start-up, fuck you for wasting my time.
Fuck you for isolating my kids, then fuck you for killing their education.
Fuck you for violating my basic rights.

Fuck you for dividing people into us and them, fuck you for defining me as them.
Fuck you for killing decades-old friendships and fuck you for never bringing them back.
Fuck you for making science political.

Fuck you for PCR testing, fuck your green pass.
Fuck you for your censorship and then fuck you again.
Fuck you for taking away our sanity.

Fuck you for making me mistrust, fuck you for locking me up.
Fuck you for making the richest richer and the less fortunate poor.
Fuck you for giving an audience to the unworthy.

Fuck you for still being present, fuck you for what’s next to come.
Fuck you for making the absurd acceptable and fuck your “new normal”.
Fuck you for your abuse.

Fuck you for scarring me for life.
Fuck you once, fuck you twice, then fuck you once more.
Fuck you and I hope to never see your mother fucking face again.

‘2020‘ is a poem inspired by ‘Shouter vs 2020’ which is part of the Shouters collection and is for sale.

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